Predictive analytics and forecasting are becoming more essential for organizations due to high competitive markets. Predictive analytics play a big role in the organizations’ life cycle, steering the direction of success and boosting the marketing ROI through the use of data that can significantly affect work outcomes and cost.

in’AMS is designed to provide solutions to different lines of businesses such as, finance, supply chain, customer service, risk and healthcare, targeting small, medium and large scale companies. Our solution will help your business become more intelligent by taking better business decisions within a timely manner.

valoores has embedded predictive Analytics and Forecast engines, in order to respond to the client needs and problems. Forecasting engine is dedicated for retailers, bankers and other industries allowing them to predict all types of consumer demands by item, SKU (stock keeping unit) or grouping by day, week, month at corporate, market, distribution center DC, or store level. Our predictive analytics engine produces a predictive score for each customer and provides an early warning indicator.

in’AMS uses the most advanced data mining and machine learning techniques along with cutting edge mathematical and statistical algorithms complex.


  • Increasing customer retention rate and minimize churn while detecting which customers are most likely to switch to another competitive provider and what are the relevant recommendation for such case in a short time.
  • Increasing customer acquisition through spotting cross-selling opportunities.
  • Optimizing Customer segmentation and Clustering based on the needs and requirements: in’AMS develops customer segments that identify which customers to target and when to make contact with certain offer.
  • Improving accuracy of sales forecast.
  • Reducing the operational delay and cost due to the impact of a better forecast through avoiding out-of-stock or overstock issues.

valoores in’AMS helps you reduce your overhead cost, increases profitability and improves productivity as well as offering you a wide range of solutions to increase marketing effectiveness.